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LOOKING BACK TO LOOK FORWARD | Fall Fashion Week Blog 2019


There are a few new things happening this fall as we ramp up for NYFW presenting Spring 2020.  As Diane von Furstenberg steps down as the CFDA chairman,  Tom Ford stepped in and one of his first acts as chairman was shortening NYFW from 7 days to 6 with a more compact schedule.  

Looking forward

Looking forward to what will be in store next spring there are fresh colors like mint, powder blue, and chiffon yellow.  In addition to these hues, suiting, leather, exaggerated shoulders, romance, bohemian, florals and appliques are among the top trends that will be showcased on the runway.  To be a trendsetter find ways to take these elements into transition and fall. Beginning next week, I will be showing looks that will help take the pieces you loved in summer and make them perfect for fall.  So, take the trends you see during Fashion Week, along with the inspiration I will be giving in the coming weeks, and bring them into your wardrobes this coming season.  


As a preview from fall 2019 here are the top trends for the upcoming season.  I will be bringing back “strut to street “later this fall emphasizing these trends. When you are thinking of yourself what you need to add to your wardrobe for the season here is your cheat sheet!


Sharp shoulders, belts, tailoring make up the new power suiting for fall.


Silk blouses, bows at the neckline, pleated skirts, tailored jackets, hats all bring chic revival of the classic 70’s girl.


Not for the faint of heart. Bring bold colors into the fall for maximum impact and a fabulous punch of color.


The Queen’s tweed gets a modern take in capes, mixing of plaids, herringbone, tights, lace booties and powerful coats.


Give floral life for the fall; with dark romantic florals in modern ladylike shapes.


Add military vibes into your wardrobe with hardware on blazers and outerwear, combat boots, camouflage and army green.  


Add some love to your coat closet this season with capes, trenches, leather, fur/faux fur, and bomber styles.  Think animal prints, bold colors, belted coats, hardware, metallic ...just go beyond the basics! 


Metallics aren’t just for after 5:00 any longer.  Add silvers, golds, rose golds, metallic colors in all shapes and forms.   


Equipped with pockets for your essentials and built to stand the test of time.


You can always wear lace in beautiful silhouettes or in feminine ways take this classic look to new and exciting depths by how you mix it with the above-mentioned trends.  

Making the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

Making the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

One of the best things, at least I’ve been told, about having a personal stylist is the outfit coordination. It is a way to bring new life to existing pieces in your wardrobe and taking the new pieces I pull for you and finding creative and fun ways to add them into your wardrobe. Imagine having an item in your closet that you know how to wear one or two ways and then you have a stylist show you 5 ways you could wear that single piece. Do that with 10 different items and you have 50 new outfit creations! If you visit the section of my website called “personal” and then scroll down to “coordinating/photoshoots” you will see a “gallery tab” where you can see some great examples of how I coordinate outfits.

Erica’s oUTFITS 

Before and After Photos

Item One: Black shorts

Item two: blue jeans

ITEM THREE: ila skirt


If you look at how I worked with Erica it too gives you a glimpse into how I work with my clients as well. I take a key piece, whether a basic like her black shorts or more of a statement piece like the floral duster, there are always ways to create new and exciting outfits. When I put together an outfit, I take the piece I am working around and create from there. I don’t want to create a look that a client can do themselves I want to offer them something they don’t think to do. One of the greatest joy for me is when a client says, “I never would have thought to put that together but it looks perfect”

X0 ~ Tamara.


Strut to Street: Printed Pants
Photo May 26, 8 07 44 PM.jpg
Photo May 26, 8 06 24 PM.jpg
Photo May 26, 8 07 46 PM.jpg

Wear the Pants

Over the past several months I have talked about dresses (my favorite) and skirts (which are a great replacement and fun update to dresses this season) but what I haven’t covered are pants.  And pants this season are really fun….yes, I said fun!  But to make them unique, updated, and “fun” you have to break out of the everyday mold of solid pants and simple jeans. 

Pants are a great for a dressy night out, work, or even running around on casual weekends. It's all about how you style them and make them work for the occasion. 

 Go back to how I talked about skirts and styling skirts.  Pairing the printed pants with simple tanks and t-shirts.  Add a blazer, denim jacket or simple knit as an outer layer and rock them with anything from sneakers to simple flats to heels.  Don’t overthink it or make it complicated because when you pair the print with something simple on top it simplifies and makes mixing separates easy. 

If you want to go bold, you can rock coordinating tops and go for that suit like look or even, more casually, the pajama outfit trend. The Zara pants I am wearing here actually have a matching top if you are intested in going for that look! Just remember you can wear each piece separately for a variety of looks. 

Another great way to rock the print look is to bring the trend into your jeans and break out of the solid jeans this season, to pump up your look!

Some big prints for pants this season: 

Floral (of course it is spring after all)


Bold stripes

Polka dots

Animal print


Scarf print (like I’m wearing)

I've linked the ones I am wearing as well as some of the other prints I mentioned down below, for shopping inspiration! 

XO Tamara


For the warmer months:

Take this trend to shorts.The styling tips translate to shorts!

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Strut to Street: Color Works
Pastel Peach

Pastel Peach







Shades of Summer

I have talked quite a bit over the last 6 months about color and a few months ago I did a blog post called IN LIVING COLOR.  In that post I gave some great info about color and how to wear it so if you didn’t get a chance please go back and take a look at that entry!

As summer quickly approaches I want to talk about the 4 biggest color trends I see happening and several of them are fresh off the runway for the upcoming summer months! 

PEACH/CORAL – This shade just screams summer to me!  It has been ages since we have seen these hues on clothing racks in stores and they are beautiful shades to add into your wardrobe.  I know peach can be a challenging shade to wear if you are fair skinned or just haven’t seen the sun since last summer.  If that is the case, go for a bold relative of peach and wear a vibrant coral shade.  This color works on all skin tones!  Or if you like the idea of a softer peach shade, as I always say, bring in the color through your accessories. 

YELLOW – Yellow is another controversial color much like peach as so many people think they can’t wear it.  However, I am here to tell you that is simply not the case!  It’s not that you can’t wear yellow, or any color for that matter, it is about finding the right shade of the color.  So, if a pastel yellow isn’t for you then go for a bolder yellow, or even as I am going to mention in a second a neon yellow.   And prints are a fantastic way to add certain colors into your wardrobe.  If you don’t want or particularly like a solid yellow (or insert color here) then find it in a print.  Yellow animal print, or peach mixed with other pastel colors.  There are always ways to add the shade into your closet and into your life!

LAVENDER (my personal favorite as I love all things lavender and all shades of purple) – When I think of lavender in any capacity it just makes me think of France and that puts a smile on my face and warms my heart.  As with all colors you just have to work with the tone and shade that you like best.  Now as a stylist I must say I have never known lavender or various shades of the color not to work on any skin tone.  This is always a lovely shade that is a breath of fresh air!  And mixing yellow, peach, and lavender are an amazing combination!  This shade is elegant and always just looks chic and classy.  And go a step further by adding fresh lavender flowers into your home, give a lavender candle as a gift, or indulge in lavender ice cream (one of my favorites).  This summer is all about lavender! 

NEON  - Go all in this summer with the fluorescent shades of the 90’s!  Neon pink, orange, yellow, green….any or all they add the perfect “live out loud” colors to your closet.  For most of us a full head-to-toe look in all neon hues is a bit over-the-top but adding it into a specific element into your look is fun, easy, and appropriate for all ages! 

My summer challenge to you is to add each of these above-mentioned colors into your wardrobes this summer.  I would love to see your photos so please DM me with your looks or tag me if you post yourself wearing one of the summer colors.  I would love to see them!

XO Tamara

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