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About Tamara

Tamara’s work as a stylist reaches from Paris to Mexico, New York City to LA, and Chicago to Dallas. As a personal stylist, Tamara caters to each client through each season, meeting their specific needs for fashion to match their lifestyle. Tamara fills many shoes, including work in TV and film, commercial and runway styling, in addition to New York Fashion Week each year. With a deep affection for travel, she finds inspiration in cooking, food, textiles and shopping, gathered from the numerous countries and cultures she frequents around the globe. With a unique understanding of the concept of fashion itself. Tamara offers that trends really can work for every person. Ultimately, it is just about understanding that best way to wear the piece that works for you. 



“Fashion is not one size fits all. Let others inspire you, and then make a style your own. Wear what works best on you and don’t worry about the rest. There is no other you than yourself!

That is fashion.”


- Tamara Gaudin


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