Frequently Asked QuesTions

Do you organize closets? What is your base cost for this service?

Yes!  That’s how the whole process of personal styling begins, by organizing your closet.  We separate your clothes into seasons, pull clothes out that need to be eliminated from the wardrobe, and create a  personalized wardrobe plan to meet your individual lifestyle.  

How do you charge for personal styling?

A combination of an hourly charge and a percentage, depending on the service.

Do you organize other rooms in the home, kitchen, closets etc.

No, we are not organizers.  We are personal stylists and only work on your wardrobe closet, a crucial step in the process to get your wardrobe in the best possible place.

Where do you shop? Can i shop with you/will you take me shopping? 

We shop in new york and dallas, everywhere from neiman marcus and saks to zara and jcrew.  The wardrobe plan is personally created for each person, so  shopping depends on what works best for the individual client.  

I do not go shopping with the client unless there is a special situation.  My clients enjoy the freedom and comfort of having their fitting in their home.  Fitting in-home also allows the client to try on from a variety of stores at the same time, even mixing in clothes from their current closet during the fitting.  The in-home fitting takes much less time and is more efficient than traipsing around a mall and wasting valuable time in fitting rooms.

Can you shop just for occasions for me?

Yes, we can shop for special events, travel, weddings or any special need.  

How much time does it take to update my wardrobe? 

There are usually 4-5 appointments per season. Depending on coordinating schedules, it could take a few weeks or a couple months.  Each client is different and there is no set rule for how long it should take.  See the personal styling services to find out more about the different steps to update your wardrobe.

Will you travel for personal styling and where? 

Yes i can travel anywhere in the states to work with clients, or can ship you boxes of clothing.  If you are only interested in having clothing shipped to you please visit the styling box service page.

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