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Fashion Questions Answered: Part 2

Mommy Attire (That Doesn’t Involve Stretch Pants or Workout Clothes)

  • There are so many comfortable, easy options for busy moms that do not involve

workout wear. You can be comfy and casual and still wear sneakers or flip flops while

looking chic

  • Some items that are excellent go-tos for moms on the go:

  1. Chinos in maybe a shade like army green

  2. Boyfriend jeans

  3. Denim skirt

  4. Shirt dress

  5. Comfy stretchy dress

  6. Lightweight, oversized knit layering pieces

  7. Denim jacket

  8. t-shirts and tanks you love to mix with all the bottom pieces

  • Save your workout attire for actually working out and have some easy pieces that you

can throw on and get out the door in minutes. Just have your “mom” section of the

closet with these items and you can go straight to them when you are getting dressed

and it will be just as easy and comfy as workout attire.

How To Wear Flowy Styles-When You Are Vertically Challenged

  • So the major tip for wearing flowy, oversized styles (especially when you are on the

shorter side) is to add height. I also think when you add height for these pieces a

chunkier shoe is a better option

  • Adding a longer necklace also gives you a better eye line and will elongate the look and

make your outfit even more flattering

  • If you have a flowy pant or dress or top you can add a more tailored jacket or layering

piece to tie in the look and give your figure more of a shape which also will help flatter

the more oversized pieces.

What Colors are Inappropriate to Wear to a Wedding?

  • There is the obvious answer here which is to not wear anything white or off white

  • Don’t wear a dress that could at all look “bridally”….i.e. a blush lace mermaid silhouette


  • But do not be afraid to wear color or prints! You can wear fun bright colors or prints as

long as it is tasteful of course.

XO Tamara

Fashion Questions Answered: Part 1

How do you know what to get rid of in your closet?

  • Anything you have had in your closet that you haven’t been wearing.

  • Any pieces in your closet that don’t bring you joy to wear or that you don’t feel good in

    when you wear them.

  • Take a good look at your clothes and pieces that have holes, stains, pulls….anything that

    is damaged or worn NEEDS to go even if you love it UNLESS it can be cleaned or

    repaired. This is especially true for shoes that are very worn and have been through the


  • Have a rule that any time you add a piece into your closet you eliminate a piece at the

    same time.

Ways to enhance your work wardrobe

  • Best way to add life into your work (or really any wardrobe) is through great layering

    pieces and bolder accessories.

  • Elevate your look with layering pieces like jackets or knits through prints, colors, leather,

    textures and so on.

  • Bold necklaces and statement earrings will instantly enhance your look.

  • Add some love to your shoes through color, prints and updated silhouettes.

How to break out of your typical shopping box

  • Take a friend or shopping buddy with you that will encourage you to break out of your

    mold. Someone who will support your effort to break out of your box.

  • Find ways that are comfortable to you to take some fashion risks. Take new trends,

    colors, styles in doses and add them into your wardrobe in a way that still makes you

    feel confident. So if you want to add in a bright color and you don’t normally wear

    those shades add it in your shoes or a bag or do a print in small ways if you normally

    wear solids.

What are some great investment pieces?

  • Invest in what you love; so if you are a shoe person find a style or two (fashion sneaker,

    mule, sling backs etc.) in a higher end brand and add that to your wardrobe. Or if

    dresses are your thing pick out a fantastic dress you love and invest in one of those.

  • Layering pieces, especially leather jackets, are always a great place to put your money.

  • Sunglasses and purses are other items that are wise to invest in.

  • Typically, don’t spend a lot on really trendy items because those will not last and not be

    worth your money. Spend money on items that will last through at least 3 seasons

    although many of these items should stand the test of time. For really fashion pieces

    (disposable fashion) go to places like Zara, Target, Top Shop and so on for those fun

    trends to add them into your closet.

XO Tamara

Here Comes the Bride
Photo Aug 11, 3 26 09 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 11, 6 28 37 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 10, 11 55 41 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 11, 6 26 09 AM.jpg

A Bride and Her Guests

I can’t believe I am getting married and that I get to share this exciting time in my life with you guys!  I have been holding this in for several weeks now waiting for the right time to share our special news.  And as a soon-to-be bride and a stylist, I definitely have some ideas of how I want to put my own signature stamp on my looks for all the fun parties and celebrations we have in the coming months.  As I am putting my looks together I will be sharing them with you guys and taking you along on my bridal-fashion journey! 

Even though I will not be a spring bride, spring and summer are officially wedding season.  And whether you are the bride or a guest there are so many events that surround the actual wedding: showers, bachelorette parties, bridal luncheons, and the list goes on.  So, whether you are the bride or are one of the many guests attending these events let’s talk about how to go out of the proverbial box and shake things up this summer.

Several weeks ago, I gave you guys a few great (if I do say so myself)  ideas on how to update your look for wedding season 2019.  (Blog post HERE) This week I am going to add to that and give you guys some more suggestions.  And if you don’t have any weddings this summer than consider these ideas for your vacations, date night, or any other events you are attending.

In addition to the ideas I previously shared, this week I am talking about metallics, updated more casual bridal looks for occasions like shower, garden parties, bridal luncheons and so on, and wearing pants versus dresses and in all white for brides or monochromatic for guests. 

Metallics are a fantastic way to bring something special and new to your wedding season looks.  Instead of going for prints, color or... of course the safe bet, black, bring in some much-needed sparkle with metallics for any wedding events.

Photo Jun 07, 5 49 20 PM.jpg

For more casual events like showers or perhaps an engagement party wear something bold and interesting like mixing patterns or wearing geometrics.  Do something fun that will make the perfect statement by stretching yourself.  Florals are always great, but these fun prints are just the right amount of extra!  And if you still want to add in the florals do so as you pair them with other patterns and prints.  Don’t just think solid or simple….get out of your comfort zone!

Photo Jun 08, 8 17 36 PM.jpg

Pants are so chic and very on trend.  Whether you go for a skinny style or a flowy leg like I’m wearing here, think of bringing a pant into your wedding season attire.  And doing a monochromatic look with the pants is even more amazing.  Because a pant look/jumpsuit is a fresh look, all black will work perfectly if you want to try this ensemble but also play it a little safe. 

Stretch yourself this summer no matter if you have a wedding occasion or just living your best life….metallics, bold prints, and pants.  Your summer shopping list has been created for you by your own virtual stylist! 

I am so excited to share my journey with you so stay tuned for so many fun fashion adventures ahead! 

XO Tamara

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10 Things About Me

Getting to Know Me

  1. I never leave the house without lipstick: (I wrote an entire blog post about what’s in my bag at all times, which includes my favorite lipsticks!) Because let’s face it I’m a girl’s girl who strongly believes lipstick is the holy grail of make-up.  I grew up with three brothers.... so I am tough, love to be outdoors, and can be a total ball-buster! However, I love the sparkle and lipstick side of me.  In today’s world a girl doesn’t have to choose and can be both sequins and athletic and I just love that!

  2. My favorite season is fall: September, October and even early November are just amazing to me in the Northeast.  The crisp cool air, leaves changing, wearing a sweater without a jacket, breaking out the boots for the first time, all things related to apples and pumpkins, football….I love it all so much.

  3. My go-to coffee drink is an almond milk latte (iced in warmer months): When I’m at home I make a Nespresso with coconut creamer and Truvia.  But my favorite coffee is in Europe….something about their coffee with their cream is just pure magic and somehow, we cannot duplicate it in the states.

  4. The second car I would love to own as a bum around town car would be a Jeep Wagoneer.  A navy one! My dad had a Wagoneer as a kid and I loved that car!  I don’t know why but forever this has been my 2nd car crush.  I have always pictured having a home, or even a second home, some place in the Northeast and driving this car around on the weekends.  (My 3rd car would be a Dylan McKay Porsche)

  5. For my last meal I would have my mom’s stuffed shells and meatballs covered in sauce: My mom didn’t grow up Italian, but she married an Italian and my dad’s mom was the most amazing cook.  But I would put my mom’s sauce and meatballs up there with anyone’s.  She has perfected her Italian cooking and has embraced the tastes that were so important to my dad.  One of my favorite things as a kid was waking up to the smell of garlic on Sundays.

  6. The thing that makes me the happiest in the world is traveling (excluding loved ones and Jesus, of course):  Doesn’t have to be fancy; could be a 2-hour road trip to the country I just love exploring and checking out new places and cultures and meeting new people. 

  7. My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is Positano Italy: I love so many places I have been I always go back to Positano as my favorite.  I traveled there with my mom when I was 25 years old and it was my first trip to Europe.  I have been blessed to experience some of the great travels of my life with my mother and am forever grateful for the memories we made.

  8. The most beautiful city in the world, to me, is Paris: Although I am a New Yorker at heart (and it’s my forever favorite city in the world) Paris has a piece of my heart.  I have traveled there more than any other place overseas and I can never get enough.

  9. Although I love the beach I would take mountains over beach… HOWEVER my favorite combination on earth is when the two collide and you have a beautiful ocean surrounded by mountains: I am obsessed with the beach, but the mountains speak to my heart in a different way.  And I adore the mountains all year long.  They are amazing in the summer, stunning in the fall with all the colors, and I love to ski.  I also feel so alive in the mountains and people in the mountains are always to active and full of life and that inspires me.

  10. My number one bucket list trip is to Asia (Japan, Maldives, Thailand, and Hong Kong are at the top of that trip): Asian is a culture that fascinates me and although there are so many places in this world I still wish to see, Asian is at the top of my list.  The Maldives are my dream Honeymoon destination, Japan is a place I want to visit in the spring with the beautiful gardens but have also heard that skiing there is a whole other level.  I have been dying to go to Thailand ever since Bridget Jones’ Diary (minus the drug and prison part of course) and from a city perspective Hong Kong to be is just a must experience.

I would love to get to know more about my readers! Leave a comment below, comment on today’s instagram post or DM me with some facts about you guys!

XO Tamara

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