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Here Comes the Bride
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A Bride and Her Guests

I can’t believe I am getting married and that I get to share this exciting time in my life with you guys!  I have been holding this in for several weeks now waiting for the right time to share our special news.  And as a soon-to-be bride and a stylist, I definitely have some ideas of how I want to put my own signature stamp on my looks for all the fun parties and celebrations we have in the coming months.  As I am putting my looks together I will be sharing them with you guys and taking you along on my bridal-fashion journey! 

Even though I will not be a spring bride, spring and summer are officially wedding season.  And whether you are the bride or a guest there are so many events that surround the actual wedding: showers, bachelorette parties, bridal luncheons, and the list goes on.  So, whether you are the bride or are one of the many guests attending these events let’s talk about how to go out of the proverbial box and shake things up this summer.

Several weeks ago, I gave you guys a few great (if I do say so myself)  ideas on how to update your look for wedding season 2019.  (Blog post HERE) This week I am going to add to that and give you guys some more suggestions.  And if you don’t have any weddings this summer than consider these ideas for your vacations, date night, or any other events you are attending.

In addition to the ideas I previously shared, this week I am talking about metallics, updated more casual bridal looks for occasions like shower, garden parties, bridal luncheons and so on, and wearing pants versus dresses and in all white for brides or monochromatic for guests. 

Metallics are a fantastic way to bring something special and new to your wedding season looks.  Instead of going for prints, color or... of course the safe bet, black, bring in some much-needed sparkle with metallics for any wedding events.

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For more casual events like showers or perhaps an engagement party wear something bold and interesting like mixing patterns or wearing geometrics.  Do something fun that will make the perfect statement by stretching yourself.  Florals are always great, but these fun prints are just the right amount of extra!  And if you still want to add in the florals do so as you pair them with other patterns and prints.  Don’t just think solid or simple….get out of your comfort zone!

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Pants are so chic and very on trend.  Whether you go for a skinny style or a flowy leg like I’m wearing here, think of bringing a pant into your wedding season attire.  And doing a monochromatic look with the pants is even more amazing.  Because a pant look/jumpsuit is a fresh look, all black will work perfectly if you want to try this ensemble but also play it a little safe. 

Stretch yourself this summer no matter if you have a wedding occasion or just living your best life….metallics, bold prints, and pants.  Your summer shopping list has been created for you by your own virtual stylist! 

I am so excited to share my journey with you so stay tuned for so many fun fashion adventures ahead! 

XO Tamara

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Wedding Guest Season
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You’re Invited: How to Dress

Spring means wedding season has arrived!  Every year when spring and summer come we inevitably start receiving invites that tell us we have weddings to attend. We start to go through the back and forth about what to wear.  This year instead of stressing about your look, let me give you some great ideas for wedding season. 

This year there are so many amazing styles, colors and trends to step out of the usual wedding guest look and into something spectacular. I'm going to walk you through them to give you that inspiration for how to step out and stand out at this season's weddings! 

As I have been talking about for months, color is the best way to freshen up your wardrobe.  So, think of adding stunning hues like yellow, lavender, bold pink and so on. These are some unique color trends that are new this season. This will give your look an automatic fresh look, even if you stay with a silhouette you love to rock. But you can always add something new to the style and silhouette as well! 

In addition to fresh new colors try another option to a dress like a jumpsuit or a romper.  The romper I’m wearing is perfect for backyard weddings, garden parties, or a more casual afternoon wedding.  And for a dressier wedding opt for a jumpsuit as they are dressier than a romper and are very chic and stunning. 

 Another way to up your wedding game is to go for something long and depending on how dressy the wedding is you can go for a gown. If you are still wanting that longer silhouette but the wedding is more casual, you can still rock one that works for the occasion. So, if the wedding is cocktail attire you can wear a simpler long dress or even a midi, as shown in my photos, and for more casual weddings opt for a maxi dress.  There are countless long dress options and personally, I love a longer option for a wedding.  If you are going to a wedding up north, that has cooler temps, or if you like to conceal your arms a simple long sleeve is a great option.  Wearing a sheer sleeve like the one I’m wearing gives you a chic look that provides that coverage. 

 So this wedding season, break things up from your typical dress mold for true wedded bliss.  Go bold, go fun, go different... just be unique and as always BE YOU! 

I've linked the things I am wearing in my photos as well as other suggested options below!   

XO Tamara

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