Strut to Street: Printed Pants

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Wear the Pants

Over the past several months I have talked about dresses (my favorite) and skirts (which are a great replacement and fun update to dresses this season) but what I haven’t covered are pants.  And pants this season are really fun….yes, I said fun!  But to make them unique, updated, and “fun” you have to break out of the everyday mold of solid pants and simple jeans. 

Pants are a great for a dressy night out, work, or even running around on casual weekends. It's all about how you style them and make them work for the occasion. 

 Go back to how I talked about skirts and styling skirts.  Pairing the printed pants with simple tanks and t-shirts.  Add a blazer, denim jacket or simple knit as an outer layer and rock them with anything from sneakers to simple flats to heels.  Don’t overthink it or make it complicated because when you pair the print with something simple on top it simplifies and makes mixing separates easy. 

If you want to go bold, you can rock coordinating tops and go for that suit like look or even, more casually, the pajama outfit trend. The Zara pants I am wearing here actually have a matching top if you are intested in going for that look! Just remember you can wear each piece separately for a variety of looks. 

Another great way to rock the print look is to bring the trend into your jeans and break out of the solid jeans this season, to pump up your look!

Some big prints for pants this season: 

Floral (of course it is spring after all)


Bold stripes

Polka dots

Animal print


Scarf print (like I’m wearing)

I've linked the ones I am wearing as well as some of the other prints I mentioned down below, for shopping inspiration! 

XO Tamara


For the warmer months:

Take this trend to shorts.The styling tips translate to shorts!

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