Making the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

Making the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

One of the best things, at least I’ve been told, about having a personal stylist is the outfit coordination. It is a way to bring new life to existing pieces in your wardrobe and taking the new pieces I pull for you and finding creative and fun ways to add them into your wardrobe. Imagine having an item in your closet that you know how to wear one or two ways and then you have a stylist show you 5 ways you could wear that single piece. Do that with 10 different items and you have 50 new outfit creations! If you visit the section of my website called “personal” and then scroll down to “coordinating/photoshoots” you will see a “gallery tab” where you can see some great examples of how I coordinate outfits.

Erica’s oUTFITS 

Before and After Photos

Item One: Black shorts

Item two: blue jeans

ITEM THREE: ila skirt


If you look at how I worked with Erica it too gives you a glimpse into how I work with my clients as well. I take a key piece, whether a basic like her black shorts or more of a statement piece like the floral duster, there are always ways to create new and exciting outfits. When I put together an outfit, I take the piece I am working around and create from there. I don’t want to create a look that a client can do themselves I want to offer them something they don’t think to do. One of the greatest joy for me is when a client says, “I never would have thought to put that together but it looks perfect”

X0 ~ Tamara.