Strut to Street: In Living Color

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Living Life Out Loud

Color, Color and MORE Color……I say YES PLEASE! We saw all the bright hues popping up this past winter and I even did a blog post on it a few months back. But now that spring is here, and summer around the corner, color is making its full-blown appearance. Season upon season, the warmer months saunter in ever so quietly and fill our closets with basic florals and soft shades of various colors, but this year all the colors of the rainbow are coming in guns blazing! They are here to stay - until eventually the tides turn as they always do. But for now, they are loud an proud! So instead of panicking about it or feeling overwhelmed by it, just embrace it. And as I always say, do so in a way that works for you and is manageable for your lifestyle. 

My “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” dress may not be for everyone, but as always, there are ways you can bring this trend into your wardrobes to make them a little happier. And to quote myself again, when you fear a trend, accessories are your BFF. Anyone can add some bold earrings, a great bag, or a statement shoe to pull in a trend. It’s always a safe bet and a very affordable way to update your look.

As I said this past winter, throw your rules of what colors go together out the window. Remember from the blog post on mixing and matching prints? If you didn’t get a chance make sure to go back and give it a read. Same rules apply here: lay out your look and if something seems off, it probably is. Make the adjustments needed and power on. If mixing all the hues together seems too much for you, think of colors in the same family and use those to create your multi-colored look. So, for example, use various shades of blue, purple, and green, or use red mixed with shades of pink. White and metallics are always the perfect neutral to tie it all together (see my look with the gold belt I used). If you have a vibrant outfit, pair a white shoe or metallic accessories to give your outfit the perfect polished look while helping you maintain your chicness without looking too rainbow bright.    

Although it works perfectly well to mix just solids, think about also mashing together your textures just like I talked about when doing a monochromatic look. Colorful prints are also great for this trend; mixing stripes, plaids, polka dots, florals and so on and so on. Mix them with each other or mix a print with a solid to help you achieve an eye-catching ensemble. 

Your inner 90’s self is calling and telling you to come back to her and relive your youth, but this time do it without the Aqua Net, legwarmers, and tight rolled jeans!    


XO Tamara

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