Favorite Things in Dallas

Favorite Things in Dallas: My Dallas Loves…


But First, Coffee:

For years Dallas did not have the best coffee scene but recently they have really been stepping

up their game! Some of my favorites that offer delicious coffee, amazing snacks, and the

perfect ambiance are Accession, Mudsmith, Magnolia’s Sous Le Pont, The Weekend Coffee

(also located in my favorite hotel in Dallas, the Joule), and Fiction.

Photo Jul 02, 7 33 20 PM.jpg

Shop till You Drop

To me, one of the biggest pluses for shopping in boutiques is finding a variety of brands that you

wouldn’t see in the mainstream stores. And Dallas has a lot of fun shops offering a variety of

brands and price points. One of my favorites for the last decade has been Elements. The

women who work there are so friendly and one of the best things about shopping there are the

variety of options, unique brands and price point. And when they have sales, they have amazing deals!

A few other Dallas faves are V.O.D., Richie Hippie, Gypsy Wagon, Gemma… and if you have deep

pockets, Forty-Five Ten is always a great spot with beautiful clothes.

It’s Cocktail O’Clock:

Cocktail spots are a place where Dallas has really grown as they have begun really taking the art

of a great cocktail very seriously. I adore a beautiful location for an amazing drink but I also

love the hidden gems and luckily Dallas has so many of both. In the winter my go-to drink is an

Old Fashioned, which must be made with a single large ice-cube. For warmer months I love a

great margarita, especially a spicy one and my new favorite drink is anything with lavender or

other fresh herbs like rosemary. Some places in the Dallas scene that are among my favorites

are the Tipsy Alchemist, Bowen House, Bourbon and Banter (where my cocktail is in the photo),

and Atwater Alley.


Sweet Treats…Need I Say More?!

I am always down for a delicious treat and it’s one of my favorite things about traveling…

discovering all the confectionary wonders in the cities and towns I visit!

Some of my favorite sugary spots in Dallas are: Bisous Bisous , for all things French (especially macaroons);

Mustang Donuts, for my beloved donut (and in my mind the ultimate sweet reward); Melt, for amazing ice

cream; and Society, for my favorite cupcakes in Dallas (or maybe anywhere)!

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Where to Brunch:

Brunch is my favorite meal of the week! Brunch allows you to combine sweet and savory,

breakfast and lunch, eggs and dessert, and coffee and cocktails. There is nothing I don’t love

about brunch. After a great workout on a Saturday or after church on Sunday brunch is my

favorite thing to do. I love to brunch in all places I travel as well as NYC and Dallas. In Dallas,

here are some favorites of mine: Mercat (the spot where Erik and I ate brunch the day after

we got engaged), Overeasy, The Grape, and La Duni.

XO Tamara