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Bring on the Brights!

As I mentioned in the blog from last week, there would be a ying and a yang between last week (neutrals)

and this week (brights). I really do love the richness of varying shades of nudes, but because I can never

seem to limit myself to one style or trend I personally gravitate towards an eclectic wardrobe.

As the power clash of colors from winter moves quickly into spring... go bold! Everyone knows that things

like color and florals work well in the spring and the warmer months to come but how you wear them can

be updated, fresh and new. Just as I suggested you mix your neutrals, I will say the same to you now with

vibrant hues whether solid or print.

There are two great ways to mesh shades together: one is monochromatic, and the other is a mishmash of

colors. For monochromatic, take a color you like, any color, and use varying shades of that color to create your

look. Take a fuchsia pant, with a blush pink top and a magenta heel. For blue maybe you have a royal blue knit

with a metallic navy skirt and a turquoise heel. Beyond mixing the colors together mix your fabrics. Fabrics create

such a richness to your outfit. So adding colors that play off of light such as leather, patent, metallic, silk and so

on with knits, denim, cotton etc add even more depth to your ensemble. With creating a mishmash look try and

stay focused here as you don’t want to get dressed, look in the mirror and realize you are Rainbow Bright’s twin.

So be careful in how you culminate your colors. Once again pick a shade you like, perhaps marigold and think

what you can pair with this color that will pop and compliment the shade. So, if you choose marigold maybe you

want to mix French blue and add a pop of fuchsia in the shoe. Or you can mix that luscious shade with a great

lavender and add a fun touch turquoise in a bold necklace or belt.

I will reiterate what I said last week about laying the pieces out before you begin getting dressed, to save yourself

the dressing and undressing routine, to see what colors and fabrics mix and match well together. Once you have

found something you are happy with then get dressed and lastly accessorize.

I do want to say that if mixing colors is a bit out of your comfort zone add the pop in your accessories; it feels

safer and more manageable. So, the example here would be if you wear a fuchsia dress maybe wear a red

shoe and a marigold earring. You are still mixing your colors and achieving the trend without going as bold as

mixing these shades within the clothing. Another way to play it a little safer is by using more neutrals with your

accessories. So again, if we take an example of a tangerine blouse pair it with a metallic navy skirt, white booties

and a leopard belt. Adding white, leopard, camel and navy will allow you to mix colors and prints in a more

conservative way.

So, I have a challenge for you and that is to step slightly out of your comfort zone OR jump in the deep end

altogether and be daring and bold with your color choices for spring. Mix your hues and your prints in exciting

and fun ways to give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air!

XO Tamara


example of how to wear:

the monochromatic color trend

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Dressing in the Nude

There seems to be quite the juxtaposition happening in fashion and the world of color.  While I am focusing on more subtle hues this week you will see me doing just the opposite next week while discussing the vibrant shades that are brightening up clothing racks everywhere.  But for now, we will focus on the nudes and leave the bold bright talk for next week.

In this stylist’s opinion, one of the chicest looks going is an all neutral look, especially one revolving around whites and creams.  Mixing these pale shades together creates such a beautiful look.  And it also looks expensive even if it isn’t. 

Another thing I love about mixing neutrals is how easy it is to do with what you already have in your closet.  We may not have a ton of fuchsia, violet, or cobalt blue hanging in our wardrobes but heather gray, white, beige, blush…. now, these are colors we all have on hand.  Now before I go much further into this blog I do want to stop and say that when I say neutrals, I am not telling you to dress in head-to-toe black.  Now ladies, I love black just as much as you do and if I could wear only one shade the rest of my life it may very possibly be black however that is not the chic neutral look I am referring to.  An all-black look has its time and place but that can look very lazy.  And let me also pause and say I am not suggesting to simply throw on a black pant with a gray or white top and nude shoes and call it a day!  You can use black in these neutral looks of course, but what I want you to do is to stretch beyond the typical and go outside of your usual four squares.  If you are going to use black to create a chic look then think about how you are going to implement that and add a variety of light shades to the outfit to give you the updated beautiful look you are trying to create. 

The third element to the neutral look is that there really isn’t a wrong way to do this which makes it effortless.  When pulling your neutrals together know that you really can’t go wrong.  Feel free to mix your whites, creams, beiges, and so on.  Hear me say you do not have to keep true white with white and off white with off white etc.…. mix them all!  When I am trying to pair colors and prints together, I like to lay them out on the floor or bed or wherever and look at them all together.  If you don’t like it there, I can promise you it won’t change things when you have it on your body (I am talking STRICTLY with COLOR/PRINTS for this rule and this has NOTHING to do with STYLES or SILHOUETTE).  Once you have pulled a look together that seems cohesive, get dressed and then work on accessorizing.  I am usually quick at putting an ensemble together and don’t often change once I am dressed... but I do play with my accessories!  I like to see the pieces forming the outfit on my body and then work on shoes and jewelry.  

To give these neutrals a bit more depth add prints and texture through fabrics.  An example would be fabrications like lace, ‘faux’ fur, leather, velvet and so on.  Adding a richness to your pieces will elevate your outfit to the next level.  Additionally, taking prints like the always on trend animal print or the back in trend snake print and mixing them with solids will make the look more playful.  But any neutral prints no matter what they are…. plaid, floral, polka-dots all of them work just stay in the neutral hues and they will be perfect. You can also add depth by adding in pastel neutral colors. examples of this are blush tones of pink, an almost grey-blue shade or even a lavender that feels earthy. 

Start wearing this trend today, I love wearing nudes in winter, and carry it through spring.  It is chic, beautiful, and effortless!  And best of all you can work with what you already own in your closet. Winter can feel like a drab time to get dressed, we are past the holidays and not yet to spring... but this is the time to try something new!   Post your neutral looks to stories or on your feed and tag me in them; I would love to see what looks you guys come up with!  



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Fashion Files: New York Fashion Week Edition
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Outfit Details: Similar  Antik Batik Dress  , Miu Miu  Booties  , Similar  Pink Earrings

Outfit Details: Similar Antik Batik Dress , Miu Miu Booties , Similar Pink Earrings


Milan, Paris, London and of course New York……NYFW begins a month-long journey of viewing the world’s top woman’s fashion designers and seeing what trends the fashion gods have in store for us.  This Thursday begins the first day of Fashion Week here in New York as we take our first look at what we will be seeing in stores for next fall.  It leaves us full of anticipation as to what we will be adding to our closets in seasons to come. It’s a fashion equivalent of looking into the magic mirror. Even if you don’t consider yourself high fashion or a fashionista, Fashion Week is still what sets the trends for all retail and what you will start seeing and integrating into your wardrobe. If you enjoy getting dressed and feeling fabulous, Fashion Week is the place for you. And thanks to modern technology, you can get a front row seat right from your living room!

I have been blessed to be part of this crazy world for almost 10 years and have been fortunate to work for so many talents such as Stella McCartney, the iconic Carolina Herrera, and the late Oscar de la Renta.  In these 10 years I have traveled to Paris, my favorite city on the planet next to Manhattan, several times to work at Nina Ricci. Many people dream of attending or working fashion week, especially if this world is your business and life. So, these experiences have been a major blessing and a big part of my professional life. One I very grateful for. Many memories have been made through these experiences.

Through this last decade, I have grown so much and had some incredible life experiences.  I have gotten to see firsthand the creativity of talented designers, rub elbows with celebrities, and work with the world’s top models. But above it all what keeps me coming back season after season are the clothes.  I love watching designers take visions in their heads and make them come to life as they strut beautifully down a runway. It helps draw inspriation for my own style and plays a big part in how I dress my clients. Just as the designers have visions that come true on the runway, as a personal stylist I have visions for my client's style. It starts to take shape here at Fashion Week.

As much as I love fashion and the creativity that unfolds, it can be a very surreal world.  Working behind the scenes does take a lot of the glamour away from the awe of the runway as you work with a lot of very harsh people.  Not to mention the models lose a little of their luster as you see them waltz into the showroom for their fitting looking as though they just crawled out of bed.  Quite the transformation ensues from fitting to the runway!  Unless you are Karlie Kloss…who somehow always looks the part.

Being in this world I have found a few keys to staying sane: remain true to who you are, stay humble and always be kind.  It is amazing how these simple “after school special” lessons ring true when you really apply them to your life.  They work of course in all situations, but I have found this makes me centered and focused during a week of crazy hard work with really intense people.  And when all else fails I remind myself “we aren’t saving lives; it’s only Fashion Week”.  Unless you are actually one of the amazing humans who does save lives on a daily basis, this phrase is key to remaining calm and being able to handle whatever life throws at you. Just breath, be calm and attack the problem at hand. This is also a great way to handle life when it’s good too… so you can really soak up and take in those amazing memories!

Here is a fun list of people I am most excited to see: Karl Lagerfeld with Chanel, Gucci, Riccardo Tisci’s first fall FW for Burberry, Nicola Glass for the late Kate Spade, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, and of course Carolina Herrera!



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Fashion Files: Faux Fur
Outfit Details: Majorelle  Faux Fur Coat , Agolde  Jeans , Zara  Turtleneck , and Michael Kors  Heels   Other Faux Fur Options, in different price points:  Fuzz over Fur ,  Bernardo,   Urban Outfitters

Outfit Details: Majorelle Faux Fur Coat, Agolde Jeans, Zara Turtleneck, and Michael Kors Heels

Other Faux Fur Options, in different price points: Fuzz over Fur, Bernardo, Urban Outfitters

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Faux Fur

It’s not often you will hear me say to opt for the knock off verses the real thing, but when it comes to furry little woodland creatures I make an exception. Now in full disclosure I do have a few vintage hand-me-down real fur items but as far as shopping new fur off the rack I have just never in good conscience been able to do so.  BUT NO judgement on those who opt for the real thing as we are all able to do what is right for ourselves as we are all singular individuals. 

What we can agreed on is whether you are pro real or pro faux we can all agree that these beautifully soft and fuzzy coats are a must in any closet!  Here I am wearing my newest favorite faux fur piece and I must be honest and say the “furs” are quickly taking over my coat closet and all other coats are being overrun. Even if you live in a warmer climate like California or Texas you can do a very light weight or shearling style that works for your winter on the cooler days or at night and in the morning when temps drop. 

These faux options have all the same winning qualities as a real fur— glamour, timelessness, comfort — with none of the bad feels ‘that can be’ associated with real fur.  Or maybe you are cool with wearing real BUT your wallet says otherwise. The faux versions are often much more kind to your pocketbook. 

Back when brands first started catching on to the obvious ethical faux pas associated with fur coats, their fake alternatives were iffy at best. But times have changed. This season, we're seeing a whole slew of faux fur outerwear options that are almost impossible to differentiate from the real thing. Gone are the days of tussled and far less luxurious imitations of the coats lining your grandmother's closet. From bold hues to shearling alternatives, crop or long there are so many fantastic styles out there!

P.S. One good tip is to just stay away from anything that looks shiny. When the material looks shiny it also looks cheap which is never a good thing.

Happy Shopping!



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