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Fashion Questions Answered: Part 1

How do you know what to get rid of in your closet?

  • Anything you have had in your closet that you haven’t been wearing.

  • Any pieces in your closet that don’t bring you joy to wear or that you don’t feel good in

    when you wear them.

  • Take a good look at your clothes and pieces that have holes, stains, pulls….anything that

    is damaged or worn NEEDS to go even if you love it UNLESS it can be cleaned or

    repaired. This is especially true for shoes that are very worn and have been through the


  • Have a rule that any time you add a piece into your closet you eliminate a piece at the

    same time.

Ways to enhance your work wardrobe

  • Best way to add life into your work (or really any wardrobe) is through great layering

    pieces and bolder accessories.

  • Elevate your look with layering pieces like jackets or knits through prints, colors, leather,

    textures and so on.

  • Bold necklaces and statement earrings will instantly enhance your look.

  • Add some love to your shoes through color, prints and updated silhouettes.

How to break out of your typical shopping box

  • Take a friend or shopping buddy with you that will encourage you to break out of your

    mold. Someone who will support your effort to break out of your box.

  • Find ways that are comfortable to you to take some fashion risks. Take new trends,

    colors, styles in doses and add them into your wardrobe in a way that still makes you

    feel confident. So if you want to add in a bright color and you don’t normally wear

    those shades add it in your shoes or a bag or do a print in small ways if you normally

    wear solids.

What are some great investment pieces?

  • Invest in what you love; so if you are a shoe person find a style or two (fashion sneaker,

    mule, sling backs etc.) in a higher end brand and add that to your wardrobe. Or if

    dresses are your thing pick out a fantastic dress you love and invest in one of those.

  • Layering pieces, especially leather jackets, are always a great place to put your money.

  • Sunglasses and purses are other items that are wise to invest in.

  • Typically, don’t spend a lot on really trendy items because those will not last and not be

    worth your money. Spend money on items that will last through at least 3 seasons

    although many of these items should stand the test of time. For really fashion pieces

    (disposable fashion) go to places like Zara, Target, Top Shop and so on for those fun

    trends to add them into your closet.

XO Tamara