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Fashion Files: New York Fashion Week Edition
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Outfit Details: Similar  Antik Batik Dress  , Miu Miu  Booties  , Similar  Pink Earrings

Outfit Details: Similar Antik Batik Dress , Miu Miu Booties , Similar Pink Earrings


Milan, Paris, London and of course New York……NYFW begins a month-long journey of viewing the world’s top woman’s fashion designers and seeing what trends the fashion gods have in store for us.  This Thursday begins the first day of Fashion Week here in New York as we take our first look at what we will be seeing in stores for next fall.  It leaves us full of anticipation as to what we will be adding to our closets in seasons to come. It’s a fashion equivalent of looking into the magic mirror. Even if you don’t consider yourself high fashion or a fashionista, Fashion Week is still what sets the trends for all retail and what you will start seeing and integrating into your wardrobe. If you enjoy getting dressed and feeling fabulous, Fashion Week is the place for you. And thanks to modern technology, you can get a front row seat right from your living room!

I have been blessed to be part of this crazy world for almost 10 years and have been fortunate to work for so many talents such as Stella McCartney, the iconic Carolina Herrera, and the late Oscar de la Renta.  In these 10 years I have traveled to Paris, my favorite city on the planet next to Manhattan, several times to work at Nina Ricci. Many people dream of attending or working fashion week, especially if this world is your business and life. So, these experiences have been a major blessing and a big part of my professional life. One I very grateful for. Many memories have been made through these experiences.

Through this last decade, I have grown so much and had some incredible life experiences.  I have gotten to see firsthand the creativity of talented designers, rub elbows with celebrities, and work with the world’s top models. But above it all what keeps me coming back season after season are the clothes.  I love watching designers take visions in their heads and make them come to life as they strut beautifully down a runway. It helps draw inspriation for my own style and plays a big part in how I dress my clients. Just as the designers have visions that come true on the runway, as a personal stylist I have visions for my client's style. It starts to take shape here at Fashion Week.

As much as I love fashion and the creativity that unfolds, it can be a very surreal world.  Working behind the scenes does take a lot of the glamour away from the awe of the runway as you work with a lot of very harsh people.  Not to mention the models lose a little of their luster as you see them waltz into the showroom for their fitting looking as though they just crawled out of bed.  Quite the transformation ensues from fitting to the runway!  Unless you are Karlie Kloss…who somehow always looks the part.

Being in this world I have found a few keys to staying sane: remain true to who you are, stay humble and always be kind.  It is amazing how these simple “after school special” lessons ring true when you really apply them to your life.  They work of course in all situations, but I have found this makes me centered and focused during a week of crazy hard work with really intense people.  And when all else fails I remind myself “we aren’t saving lives; it’s only Fashion Week”.  Unless you are actually one of the amazing humans who does save lives on a daily basis, this phrase is key to remaining calm and being able to handle whatever life throws at you. Just breath, be calm and attack the problem at hand. This is also a great way to handle life when it’s good too… so you can really soak up and take in those amazing memories!

Here is a fun list of people I am most excited to see: Karl Lagerfeld with Chanel, Gucci, Riccardo Tisci’s first fall FW for Burberry, Nicola Glass for the late Kate Spade, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, and of course Carolina Herrera!



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