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Fall Floral  

Whoever said florals are just for spring was trying to keep a trend in a box.  So break out of your square this season and let the florals fly.  Fall’s perennials come in every variety from delicate florets to bold bouquets.

You can do a great floral pump or flat if you wanted to add this trend in your footwear. You maybe want it in a great jacket/coat or even a handbag, for just a pop of it. But, for me… a great fall floral dress speaks to me on so many levels.

Florals will also pair amazingly well with so many of the other trends and can be a refreshing addition to your fall wardrobe. You can do a look that is edgy meets feminine with a gorgeous floral flowy dress and a great moto jacket over the top. Add in a studded boot or shoe of some kind and you are ready to rock!

Floral is a unique and different choice for a holiday party, as those quickly approach with it offically being December. You can add sparkle and shine to the floral and turn it holiday glam!

So don’t box yourself in (or let anyone else do it TO you) and go for those deep, dark and romantic floral prints this season! You will not be sorry.

XO Tamara

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Gift Guide: The Fashionista
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Gift Guide : Passion for Fashion Girl  

Now, this is for the trendy and all about fashion girlfriend of yours! These pieces are both practical for the season and yet super fun and feminine! I love a great accessory in my wardrobe and the holidays is a great time to give these type wardrobe musts!

Fashion accessoires are a great gift and can be very personal to the receiver, but also can be affordable for the giver! Win win!

  1. Earrings! One of my favorite gift items is always a fun pair of earrings.  For some reason I find people stay safe when buying their own earrings so I love to get them something out of their box. Here I have found two great options that I will definitely be giving people this Christmas.  As the trend of adding words on everything is everywhere these LOVE earrings are so fun!  And the multi-colored dangles add the perfect accent to so many outfits.

  2. Scarf: To me a great scarf is another amazing gift.  It too is something that people don't tend to buy for them shelves or when they do they buy a practical color like black.  With plaid and scarves being such it items this season you can combine two trends in one.  This scarf is super cozy and can pair with everything from a jean jacket for those who live in warmer clients to the sleeping bag I wear traipsing around New York all winter long.

  3. Leopard Fanny Pack: I love a fun yet practical trend and this little number is perfect for Secret Santa gift exchanges and gift giving for the fun person who seems to have everything.  This little guy is great for traveling, walking around the city, and can be easily thrown in a larger tote for days on the go.  Other options Here, Here and Here!

XO Tamara

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Gift Guide: Night In or Night Out
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Gift Guide:

Girls Night Out or Snuggled Night In

This Gift Guide is made for the girl who loves to both get glammed up for a night out but also loves to snuggle up and be comfortable for a night in! This is truly for the beauty girl in your life!

I hope this gives you a fun idea of what to get the girls in your life! My moto when buying gifts for friends (or moms, SILS, MILS, etc) is “Would I enjoy receiving this?” If the answer is YES, you are golden. Happy Shopping!

  1. YSL Lip Stains: Stay on lip color is the best thing to happen in make-up that has happened in years.  I am a person who doesn't think she can leave the house without lipstick and I always hated reapplying it 20 times a day so when they came out with long wear lip color I was in love!  These go on like velvet, don't dry out your lips and give you amazing color for hours.

  2. Laura Mercier Lip Caviar: This product has been in my make-up bag for years.  These sticks give great color and they can be subtle or you can play them up for an evening eye.  They do not crease or get cakey and wear all day long.  Your eyes will look smoldering from applying to bedtime.

  3. Becca highlighter set: I love a glow on my skin anytime day or night and I have tried so many of them and this Becca one is hands down my favorite.  This kit will keep your skin glowing through the holidays and all year long.

  4. Pajamas: When people ask me what they can get me for Christmas I always say pajamas because I love them so much and never buy them for myself.  I love to be really comfy and even oversized when I go to bed but I have to have an incredibly soft fabric and nothing too warm.  These plaid pj's are absolutely perfect and check all my boxes!

  5. Poobah: I personally love games and especially ones that draw good honest conversations.  This game is one that is the perfect gift and also the perfect smaller gift to add to a bigger gift.  Take them on road trips, family game night, when having friends over, at dinner parties.....these cards will give you rich life giving conversation for hours. 

XO Tamara

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Think of things you want, but don’t go buy for yourself

I find those gifts are always a winner!

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Holiday: Velvet
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This luxurious fabric is so wonderful for winter and is the perfect compliment to your wardrobe. And for holiday it can’t be beat as the perfect compliment to any look.  Mix this with the sparkles of the season and you will have a look that is so chic, fun and festive.  What I also love about this fabric is how this is perfect in a blazer but also amazing in a dress or pant.  

Paige did a gorgeous skinny pant this season in an incredible fuchsia, deep evergreen and black, see below! These are the perfect way to add this trend into your closet, especially if you want something a little more casual.  

What allows a piece to be even more special is when it combines a variety of trends in one garment like I am doing with this dress that I am have the velvet, suiting, and the every populor rich evergreen hue. I I love finding a piece that I can invest in, in a season, that hits multiple trends in one!  

XO Tamara

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Another great way to achieve this trend!

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