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Gift Guide: Night In or Night Out
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Gift Guide:

Girls Night Out or Snuggled Night In

This Gift Guide is made for the girl who loves to both get glammed up for a night out but also loves to snuggle up and be comfortable for a night in! This is truly for the beauty girl in your life!

I hope this gives you a fun idea of what to get the girls in your life! My moto when buying gifts for friends (or moms, SILS, MILS, etc) is “Would I enjoy receiving this?” If the answer is YES, you are golden. Happy Shopping!

  1. YSL Lip Stains: Stay on lip color is the best thing to happen in make-up that has happened in years.  I am a person who doesn't think she can leave the house without lipstick and I always hated reapplying it 20 times a day so when they came out with long wear lip color I was in love!  These go on like velvet, don't dry out your lips and give you amazing color for hours.

  2. Laura Mercier Lip Caviar: This product has been in my make-up bag for years.  These sticks give great color and they can be subtle or you can play them up for an evening eye.  They do not crease or get cakey and wear all day long.  Your eyes will look smoldering from applying to bedtime.

  3. Becca highlighter set: I love a glow on my skin anytime day or night and I have tried so many of them and this Becca one is hands down my favorite.  This kit will keep your skin glowing through the holidays and all year long.

  4. Pajamas: When people ask me what they can get me for Christmas I always say pajamas because I love them so much and never buy them for myself.  I love to be really comfy and even oversized when I go to bed but I have to have an incredibly soft fabric and nothing too warm.  These plaid pj's are absolutely perfect and check all my boxes!

  5. Poobah: I personally love games and especially ones that draw good honest conversations.  This game is one that is the perfect gift and also the perfect smaller gift to add to a bigger gift.  Take them on road trips, family game night, when having friends over, at dinner parties.....these cards will give you rich life giving conversation for hours. 

XO Tamara

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Think of things you want, but don’t go buy for yourself

I find those gifts are always a winner!

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Holiday: Velvet
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This luxurious fabric is so wonderful for winter and is the perfect compliment to your wardrobe. And for holiday it can’t be beat as the perfect compliment to any look.  Mix this with the sparkles of the season and you will have a look that is so chic, fun and festive.  What I also love about this fabric is how this is perfect in a blazer but also amazing in a dress or pant.  

Paige did a gorgeous skinny pant this season in an incredible fuchsia, deep evergreen and black, see below! These are the perfect way to add this trend into your closet, especially if you want something a little more casual.  

What allows a piece to be even more special is when it combines a variety of trends in one garment like I am doing with this dress that I am have the velvet, suiting, and the every populor rich evergreen hue. I I love finding a piece that I can invest in, in a season, that hits multiple trends in one!  

XO Tamara

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Another great way to achieve this trend!

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Strutting into the Holidays: Colors to Add
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Colors to Add  

As we wind up our fall looks and head into full on winter mode, as well as the Holiday season, let’s talk big trend colors! These colors are the ones I think are new, innovative and are a must for any wardrobe. These are also all colors that are great fall trends that carry you perfectly into the holidays and all those parties and outtings you have planned!

First up we have Metallic. I have talked about this before in a Strut to Street blog post, but felt it desereved another mention. Metallic is a great add on to your daily life, as it can be a fun pop! But as we get into holiday season, I can’t think of anything more perfect than metallic pieces, accents and accessories! Opt for Silver or Rose Gold this year instead of the ever classic Gold. Just to break it up! The silvers are so in and add a unique spin on a classic trend.

Next up is such a fun one! This trend is a new spin on very beloved colors-red and fuschia! Mixing them together was a big trend shown on the runways and is all over magazines. I absolutely love the mixture myself! I think they are such coordinating colors that aren’t usually together. They don’t ‘match’ (I think that is what I love about them!) they coordinate and ‘go,’ if you will. The pairing is such a fun look for the holiday season, as Hot Pink is such a trendy color and it’s a great way to really tie it in. You can do it in different pieces, like I have done, or you can look for pieces that are colorblocking it together. But simply add a red shoe to a pink dress or visaversa and you’re set! I love adding accessories to achieve a trend and outfit goal. But, if this trend is too much for you… do it in small ways or just do one color or the other and make it your own! But I think this pairing is fresh and here to stay.

Lastly we have the 50 Shades of Winter White. True white was such a great trend this fall and winter white is always a loved classic. I personally love a great winter white, you just think of SNOW! Am I right?! If you want to know ways to wear those true white pieces, check out this post from earlier this season for inspiration and tips. But for now, with this current look, I am talking more the creamy whites that almost take you in a champagne/rose gold (see how metallics are popping up everywhere?!) type direction. I love all the white hues and how they can take you in such a different direction depending on what you need, love and want. This warmer version of the Winter White is a great way to take you from fall into winter and, again, to those holiday parties!

XO Tamara

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