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Transitioning From Summer to Fall

How to take some of your favorite summer pieces and style them so you can wear them into fall.


Transitioning from summer to fall can be a tricky time of year when it comes to getting dressed. Temperatures are still warm but we don’t want to look too summery. We are craving booties and jackets but the thermometer says otherwise. Because, for most of us, this time of year begins to cool down, at least in the morning and evening, layering is important and also allows us to start adding in those lighter weight fall jackets. Or for those of you who live in places where it is still blazing hot, the AC is usually on full blast so you can use those layering pieces when inside.


One of the easiest ways to figure out how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall is thinking about mixing some of those lighter or whimsical fabrics with darker hues and being more conscious about your footwear.

IMG_0023 2.JPG


Now that we are nearing the end of September, don’t put on an outfit that you wore in summer just like you wore it in summer. Give it a fall spin.


Take advantage of booties with no tights, mules and slingbacks as those are excellent for this time of year.  Or if you want to wear your strappy sandal think about doing it with jeans, pants, or a more fall looking dress.  Eliminate the white eyelet dress with strappy heels and instead wear the white dress but with a blazer and a mule for example.  

IMG_0052 2.JPG


IMG_0029 2.JPG

Taking navy, black, grey, camel and are the perfect compliments to your whites, pastels, summer florals.

IMG_0031 2.JPG


Adding these darker shades and switching up your footwear allows more summery pieces acceptable for fall.  You don’t have to put away all your favorite summer items just yet, rather give them a fall facelift!

IMG_0027 2.JPG


Because this is a little more challenging to explain I do find that the photos are the best way to express how to achieve this in a way that works for everyone’s closet.

IMG_0025 2.JPG



This is why I designated two weeks’ worth of photos on how to transition your summer pieces for fall.


So, go back and take a look and then think about what you have in your closet and use my looks as a reference point on how to achieve the best transitional outfits for yourself. 

IMG_0050 2.JPG


And as always you can DM me with any of your questions.

Happy “soon-to-be” Fall!  

X0 ~ Tamara

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LOOKING BACK TO LOOK FORWARD | Fall Fashion Week Blog 2019


There are a few new things happening this fall as we ramp up for NYFW presenting Spring 2020.  As Diane von Furstenberg steps down as the CFDA chairman,  Tom Ford stepped in and one of his first acts as chairman was shortening NYFW from 7 days to 6 with a more compact schedule.  

Looking forward

Looking forward to what will be in store next spring there are fresh colors like mint, powder blue, and chiffon yellow.  In addition to these hues, suiting, leather, exaggerated shoulders, romance, bohemian, florals and appliques are among the top trends that will be showcased on the runway.  To be a trendsetter find ways to take these elements into transition and fall. Beginning next week, I will be showing looks that will help take the pieces you loved in summer and make them perfect for fall.  So, take the trends you see during Fashion Week, along with the inspiration I will be giving in the coming weeks, and bring them into your wardrobes this coming season.  


As a preview from fall 2019 here are the top trends for the upcoming season.  I will be bringing back “strut to street “later this fall emphasizing these trends. When you are thinking of yourself what you need to add to your wardrobe for the season here is your cheat sheet!


Sharp shoulders, belts, tailoring make up the new power suiting for fall.


Silk blouses, bows at the neckline, pleated skirts, tailored jackets, hats all bring chic revival of the classic 70’s girl.


Not for the faint of heart. Bring bold colors into the fall for maximum impact and a fabulous punch of color.


The Queen’s tweed gets a modern take in capes, mixing of plaids, herringbone, tights, lace booties and powerful coats.


Give floral life for the fall; with dark romantic florals in modern ladylike shapes.


Add military vibes into your wardrobe with hardware on blazers and outerwear, combat boots, camouflage and army green.  


Add some love to your coat closet this season with capes, trenches, leather, fur/faux fur, and bomber styles.  Think animal prints, bold colors, belted coats, hardware, metallic ...just go beyond the basics! 


Metallics aren’t just for after 5:00 any longer.  Add silvers, golds, rose golds, metallic colors in all shapes and forms.   


Equipped with pockets for your essentials and built to stand the test of time.


You can always wear lace in beautiful silhouettes or in feminine ways take this classic look to new and exciting depths by how you mix it with the above-mentioned trends.  

Making the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

Making the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

One of the best things, at least I’ve been told, about having a personal stylist is the outfit coordination. It is a way to bring new life to existing pieces in your wardrobe and taking the new pieces I pull for you and finding creative and fun ways to add them into your wardrobe. Imagine having an item in your closet that you know how to wear one or two ways and then you have a stylist show you 5 ways you could wear that single piece. Do that with 10 different items and you have 50 new outfit creations! If you visit the section of my website called “personal” and then scroll down to “coordinating/photoshoots” you will see a “gallery tab” where you can see some great examples of how I coordinate outfits.

Erica’s oUTFITS 

Before and After Photos

Item One: Black shorts

Item two: blue jeans

ITEM THREE: ila skirt


If you look at how I worked with Erica it too gives you a glimpse into how I work with my clients as well. I take a key piece, whether a basic like her black shorts or more of a statement piece like the floral duster, there are always ways to create new and exciting outfits. When I put together an outfit, I take the piece I am working around and create from there. I don’t want to create a look that a client can do themselves I want to offer them something they don’t think to do. One of the greatest joy for me is when a client says, “I never would have thought to put that together but it looks perfect”

X0 ~ Tamara.


Fashion Questions Answered: Part 2

Mommy Attire (That Doesn’t Involve Stretch Pants or Workout Clothes)

  • There are so many comfortable, easy options for busy moms that do not involve

workout wear. You can be comfy and casual and still wear sneakers or flip flops while

looking chic

  • Some items that are excellent go-tos for moms on the go:

  1. Chinos in maybe a shade like army green

  2. Boyfriend jeans

  3. Denim skirt

  4. Shirt dress

  5. Comfy stretchy dress

  6. Lightweight, oversized knit layering pieces

  7. Denim jacket

  8. t-shirts and tanks you love to mix with all the bottom pieces

  • Save your workout attire for actually working out and have some easy pieces that you

can throw on and get out the door in minutes. Just have your “mom” section of the

closet with these items and you can go straight to them when you are getting dressed

and it will be just as easy and comfy as workout attire.

How To Wear Flowy Styles-When You Are Vertically Challenged

  • So the major tip for wearing flowy, oversized styles (especially when you are on the

shorter side) is to add height. I also think when you add height for these pieces a

chunkier shoe is a better option

  • Adding a longer necklace also gives you a better eye line and will elongate the look and

make your outfit even more flattering

  • If you have a flowy pant or dress or top you can add a more tailored jacket or layering

piece to tie in the look and give your figure more of a shape which also will help flatter

the more oversized pieces.

What Colors are Inappropriate to Wear to a Wedding?

  • There is the obvious answer here which is to not wear anything white or off white

  • Don’t wear a dress that could at all look “bridally”….i.e. a blush lace mermaid silhouette


  • But do not be afraid to wear color or prints! You can wear fun bright colors or prints as

long as it is tasteful of course.

XO Tamara