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Strut to Street: Out of Africa
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The New Animal Print

When it comes to trends, animal print is one that just won’t quit!  Out of all the animal prints, in my opinion, the leopard print has always been in style. In fact, it leans towards being somewhat of a neutral. It’s chic, timeless and can instantly elevate any outfit.  You put on something animal print….anything….a shoe, top, jacket and you have instantly taken your look to that whole new level.  For spring, and beyond, we are seeing all varieties of the animal kingdom on trend.  And not just the different prints within the animal world but the colors being used to achieve this look. 

For season upon season, we have seen more minimal and understated trends saunter down the runway so seeing all of the bold statements of the past couple seasons: animal print, sequins, bold colors, and more being... more (in this stylist’s opinion) is a breath of fresh air. And contrary to some people’s opinions, the pieces we're seeing trickle in this time around are far from tacky — even if you're wearing more than one animal print at a time.  Whoever said less is more didn’t understand what it meant to be extra!  Whether you want to go all in with a head-to-toe look right off the bat, or just dabble with the print by wearing a shoe or accessory it will inspire you. There are some simple reasons why I believe animal print is THE print to always have on hand in your closet: It looks great on everyone. No matter your skin tone, age, or size...leopard print literally looks fabulous on everyone. 

Animal prints can easily be worn with other prints.  Mixing animal print with stripes, florals, polka dots….name a print and there is a way to mix animal print into your look for an instant win!

There is no wrong way to wear it.  You can wear this print head-to-toe or add it in minimal ways, wear it in techno color or prints other than leopard like zebra, snake, giraffe and so on! 

Some may feel that wearing all these varieties of animal print is too ‘extra’ for them and if that’s the case it’s OK!  Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the assortment? Just add it in a way that is comfortable for you.  The most important thing is that you add these various animal prints into your closet in some way, shape or form.  There are a few hot commodities in the fashion world that can we worn by a 90-year-old as well as a toddler and this is one of them!  Think you can’t possibly add this into your wardrobe?!  Then think again!  Just find a way that allows “you to be you”, take a deep breath, and GO FOR IT!  

XO Tamara

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