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Strut to Street: Sequins
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How to Style Sequins for Everyday:

Just the other day I was shopping with a friend who was admiring a bronze sequin skirt.  I said to her, “Try it on.” To which she replied, “I don’t have anywhere to wear it; I never get this dressed up.”  So, my friend, and countless others out there, this blog post is for you.

Just because it sparkles, and shines does not mean it has to be worn some place special.  There are plenty of sequins in the world that can be taken out for date night, girls’ night, and (depending on your profession) even to work.  Fashion is greatly about the HOW not the WHAT.  It doesn’t matter so much about what you wear but how you wear it.  Whether you are throwing on your favorite jeans or a beautiful dress it’s what you do with it and how you accessorize it that matters.  I would love for people to stop thinking they “can’t” wear something.  Are there cases where this is true….well of course you know there are.  But I am talking about (by in large) when you see something in a magazine, or on another person, or in a store and you think I could never pull that off, or I have no place to wear that.  Most of the time that just isn’t the case.  You just have to know how to rock the piece for YOU. 

So, take my friend with the sequin skirt, or in my case the sequin skirt I am wearing in my post, and think through how you can take that to dinner or for vacation or to a party.  Think of how you can utilize your everyday pieces to tone down the more dramatic piece.  So, if it’s a glitzy top pair it with a great jean, maybe add a blazer or leather jacket, and use a bootie or a great strappy heel.  Instead of pairing your fun piece with items that add to your look go for more neutral colors.  In my photo, I opted for a very sexy shoe but it was black.  If I was wearing this skirt to a place where I wanted to make more of a statement I may have opted for a white bootie, a gold strappy heel, or my fuchsia stiletto.  But I went for black.  Opting for black or nude in a shoe will tone down that shock and awe factor of your look.  And for me, I chose a very simple oversized cardigan and white tank.  These are pieces that are very easy and basic.  Other options for this would have been a great denim jacket, a chunky knit, or a blazer or some other kind of jacket. 

Also keeping your make-up more neutral makes a difference as well.  Again, if I wanted to make this outfit pop, even more, I would have added a bright lip or a dramatic eye, but I went for a very nude eye and a simple lip.  Jewelry also makes a big difference in how something comes across and the necklaces, earrings, bracelets that you choose can take an outfit to another level.  For me, I again went simple to keep my sequin skirt from being too extra.  Alone one element may not make the biggest difference but mixing them together drastically changes your ensemble. 

Now there is another element to rocking something with all the glitz and glam and that is you have to OWN your look!  Everyone knows that confidence is sexy and without it you lose something very important no matter what you are wearing.  We have all seen the girl who has on no make-up, threw her hair in a top-knot, wearing jeans and a t-shirt or something she threw together, and she still looks amazing.  It’s not that there is anything overly special about her look but if she is confident you are drawn to her and she is beautiful….that my friends is the power of confidence.  If you are going to wear the hot pink dress, the sequin skirt, or the top that is a little extra and then some, then you have to WEAR IT and by that, I mean you have to OWN IT.  If you are confident and comfortable then when you turn heads in your outfit it will be because people know you are rocking your look.  When we feel uncomfortable in our skin (clothes) we instantly lose our cool points. 

So, the next time you see that garment that catches your eye instead of saying “ I can’t” or “I don’t” just STOP and think “ I CAN”!  Just think through the steps I have given you as to how you can wear “that piece” and own it in your everyday life.  I believe in you….you can do it!!!

XO Tamara

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