Strutting into the Holidays: Colors to Add

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Colors to Add  

As we wind up our fall looks and head into full on winter mode, as well as the Holiday season, let’s talk big trend colors! These colors are the ones I think are new, innovative and are a must for any wardrobe. These are also all colors that are great fall trends that carry you perfectly into the holidays and all those parties and outtings you have planned!

First up we have Metallic. I have talked about this before in a Strut to Street blog post, but felt it desereved another mention. Metallic is a great add on to your daily life, as it can be a fun pop! But as we get into holiday season, I can’t think of anything more perfect than metallic pieces, accents and accessories! Opt for Silver or Rose Gold this year instead of the ever classic Gold. Just to break it up! The silvers are so in and add a unique spin on a classic trend.

Next up is such a fun one! This trend is a new spin on very beloved colors-red and fuschia! Mixing them together was a big trend shown on the runways and is all over magazines. I absolutely love the mixture myself! I think they are such coordinating colors that aren’t usually together. They don’t ‘match’ (I think that is what I love about them!) they coordinate and ‘go,’ if you will. The pairing is such a fun look for the holiday season, as Hot Pink is such a trendy color and it’s a great way to really tie it in. You can do it in different pieces, like I have done, or you can look for pieces that are colorblocking it together. But simply add a red shoe to a pink dress or visaversa and you’re set! I love adding accessories to achieve a trend and outfit goal. But, if this trend is too much for you… do it in small ways or just do one color or the other and make it your own! But I think this pairing is fresh and here to stay.

Lastly we have the 50 Shades of Winter White. True white was such a great trend this fall and winter white is always a loved classic. I personally love a great winter white, you just think of SNOW! Am I right?! If you want to know ways to wear those true white pieces, check out this post from earlier this season for inspiration and tips. But for now, with this current look, I am talking more the creamy whites that almost take you in a champagne/rose gold (see how metallics are popping up everywhere?!) type direction. I love all the white hues and how they can take you in such a different direction depending on what you need, love and want. This warmer version of the Winter White is a great way to take you from fall into winter and, again, to those holiday parties!

XO Tamara

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