Strut to Street: Revival of the Fittest


The Logo is Back

This week is the continuation from last week’s blog and discussing all the trends we are seeing so prominent from the ’80s and ’90s.  Today I am talking about the revival of brand names and the use of logos.  For years we have concealed logos, bought things where the name brand was subtle (unless of course, you are Tory Burch or Michael Kors who have been rocking this trend since their inception and have never stopped). But now it’s in your face!  No matter if you are going high end or sticking with the classics this is a fun way to add some punch to your wardrobe. 

Whether a top designer like Gucci and seeing the infamous GG on everything from belt buckles to sneakers, to mainstream brands like Tommy Hilfiger, logos and old school brands are doing an encore.  And just like Tommy Hilfiger other brands like Levi’s, Puma, and Calvin Klein are coming alive again and have created statement pieces we are seeing everywhere. 

There are ways to add the logo without it being plastered against your chest like I’m doing in this yellow Levi’s hoodie, but you can also go all in with a full-on logo and make the statement loud and proud!  And as I always say, if a trend is a bit too much for you make your accessories work for you and find a way to implement a trend!  Belts are always a staple but right now belts are also a trend and it's the perfect way to add a logo to your look.  Shoes, handbags, and scarves are also an easy way to have fun with logos while still keeping it on the DL (that’s down-low for all of you youngsters). 

As these retro brands take another ride on the fashion merry-go-round, adding them into your wardrobe allows you to fulfill this revival trend. Even though Gucci is always popular, I mean let’s be honest it’s Gucci, they have done a complete 180 in the last few years with their designs, new handbags and OMG their shoes, Gucci….is everywhere!  If you want to go designer but maybe want to invite other labels to play in your closet think about adding Fendi, Balenciaga, or Christian Dior.  All of these are amazing designers coming out with really fun pieces that will put you ahead of the curve.  I’m not saying to leave Gucci in the wind, but it’s always nice to have a variety of designers in your wardrobe and to be a trendsetter vs. a trend follower. 

If mainstream is more your speed go back to the classics: Levi’s, Calvin, Tommy, Ralph, Champion and so on.  One thing I appreciate about these brands, especially Levi’s, is how they have stayed true to their price points.  Right now, a company like Levi’s could charge $180 for a pair of jeans but they have stuck to their guns and kept their price points very affordable.  And all of these companies have done the same thing.  So, these labels allow you to add the trend into your closet while not setting fire to all the cash in your wallet. Another great way to add in these brand names is to look at a resale shop, a thrift store or even eBay... you can always find an affordable way to get a trend into your wardrobe (ESPECIALLY if it's a trend that is coming back around)

This is a fun trend guys! So, don’t be afraid to dive in and relive your youth (or bring this trend into your closet for the first time ever).  Go big or go home! But not really, go as BIG as works for you. No matter which camp you fall into just fall in love with the logos, labels, and retro brands.  

XO Tamara

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