Strut to Street: Retro

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Throwback Fashion  

We are falling back in time with trends like wide whale corduroy, fanny packs, white shoes, branded garments, chunky sneakers and suiting.  These trends were made famous in part by such fashion icons as Annie Hall, Working Girl Melanie Griffith, and Twiggy.  Often times it can take years or even decades for trends to circle back in time… but, somehow they always manage to resurface.  I hear my mom say all the time “That’s back in style?! I wish I wore that when… Wish I would have saved it!” How many times have you heard that?! But it’s so true, things do come back around.

But let's not confuse these trends with fads which happened once upon a time and should never happen again!  Now may be a great time to go rummaging through your mother or grandmother's closets for some incredible finds or hit up your favorite vintage stores.  Nothing makes retro better than finding authentic pieces that you can freshen up by giving them your own personal fashion spin.

But if you are looking in department stores and online and seeing stuff that feels like you’ve seen it before, it’s because you probably have! The curent stores and trends are reflecting is so heavily. So whether you want to go find fun and vintage finds or if you want to shop new these trends are out there and ripe for the picking! Go find the styles you loved from older movies or go find things that speak to you now and make it happen, make it work, for yourself!

XO Tamara

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