Holiday: Velvet

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This luxurious fabric is so wonderful for winter and is the perfect compliment to your wardrobe. And for holiday it can’t be beat as the perfect compliment to any look.  Mix this with the sparkles of the season and you will have a look that is so chic, fun and festive.  What I also love about this fabric is how this is perfect in a blazer but also amazing in a dress or pant.  

Paige did a gorgeous skinny pant this season in an incredible fuchsia, deep evergreen and black, see below! These are the perfect way to add this trend into your closet, especially if you want something a little more casual.  

What allows a piece to be even more special is when it combines a variety of trends in one garment like I am doing with this dress that I am have the velvet, suiting, and the every populor rich evergreen hue. I I love finding a piece that I can invest in, in a season, that hits multiple trends in one!  

XO Tamara

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Another great way to achieve this trend!

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