Holiday: Sparkle and Shine and All Things Divine

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NYE: Spark and Shine and All Things Divine  

Every year we get so consumed with Christmas shopping that New Years Eve can pop up and we are frantically thinking WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!  Just as years past all things that sparkle and shine are great for NYE.  However to ring in 2019 maybe do something a little different like wearing a fantastic dress with piettes or some other form of shine like I am doing in my look.  

Take the regular sequins, as wonderful as they are, and add a new bling to your wardrobe.  Also go back and visit the Holiday post for Velvet or Suit up, just as something new and unique. Mix it up this year. These are other wonderful options to add into your NYE repertoire and also mix beautifully with all things that shine.

This look is also super fun as it is that winter white meets silver metallic, both trends I have talked about this season. So you can look amazing while ringing in 2019 but also stay fashion forward and keeping hitting on trends from the season for the look!

XO Tamara

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